First theater play in Europe on Secondlife: Waiting for Woloch (no Godot)

June 26, 2007

The first theater play in Europe on Secondlife: Waiting for Him (no Godot). Theater De Lege Ruimte (the empty space). June 26 2007.

“..If this is secondlife, there has to be a firstlife somewhere. – That’s not for us kind”.

  For fullscreen, click the image and go to Google video. Here you can choose full-screen modus: the square at the right bottom of your screen.

Red Cross on Secondlife

March 1, 2007

The Red Cross in the Netherlands asked me to create an avatar for the supermodel Yfke Sturm (Armani, Ralph Lauren..) for their promotion campaign on Secondlife.

Yfke specially asked for an avatar in the shape of her body that has a caring and kind expression.

Yfke Sturm on Secondlife, collecting for the Red Cross.

VU University Amsterdam

December 16, 2006

In may 2007 was the opening of the VU University. I worked in a team of four builders on this project:

VU University Amsterdam     


Hortus Botanicus VU University

December 11, 2006

In december 2006, creation of the first european university on Secondlife: VU University Amsterdam. To make it a more attractive place, I added a botanical garden, in cooperation with the “firstlife” botanical garden of the university.