Sandwoman Petion aka Viola van Alphen (at gmail dot com) studied Project Architecture, High Mathematics & Dynamical Systems,  Communication Science and Business Science and took additional courses in Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration, Cultural Anthropology, History, Journalistic & mass-communication.. obtaining a double Master title and an MBA.
At this moment she is Director of ViolaVirus and before this of Multimedialab PLANETART, the innovative festival on art & technology: GOGBOT, TEC ART and of Twente Biennale. She worked as a consultant on creative marketing, strategy, new media and virtual worlds. Together with Bruce Sterling she developed the theme of Atompunkhttp://www.gogbot.nl

@ May 06: Custom creation of Dutch Minister of Education (Plasterk). Custom creation of Avatar for Red Cross. Custom creation and assistance for first Second Life theatre Play in Europe: Waiting for Godot. Workshops Advanced building, incl Sculpted Prims on Second Life. 

@ 27 sept PICNIC 07: Event producer for ‘Zapping or Surfing’
http://www.picnicnetwork.org/artefact-5914-en.html & Report at Blog criticaldistance

@ http://twitter.com/Sandwoman

@ 25 oct 2007: VJ Performance at PLANETART, Enschede: The very first VJ performance with only SL material, combined with electronic musician KaH. Feminine elements in a hard, mechanical, electronic world.

@ 12 nov 2007: Lecture about Second Life at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (post graduate programme connected with the Rietveld art academy).

@ 17 dec 2007: VJ act & Art research towards religion on SL. Similarities were found on the area of love, friendship, trust, respect. The world of the Caucasian, Western neo-nazi was the sole world based on hate.

@ jan-may 2008: Project including Salons at Mediamatic on Self Representation online. E-fashion, Avatars & Identity Crossing (with Mark Meadows), Professional Self Representation, etc etc.

@ 15 march 2008: Lecture at ToShare festival in Torino, Italy.

@ 2008: Diverse consultancy, marketing and new media consultancy assignments, see other cv: www.changeisgood.nl .

@ 21 april 2008: lecture at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (HvA) about SL and (philosophical) deliberate choice for beauty and (practical) how to set up projects in SL.

@ 10-18 may 2008: Curator & Production of “Virtual Worlds mash up”, with Wii technology, game without gravity code, missbimbo, webkinz, Second Life art and performances (Second Front, Arahan Claveau, Nebulosous Severine, Edo Paulus and many others): Kunstvlaai 08, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. Exhibition at the Machinegebouw “Dochter van een Terrorist” . Became Managing director of PLANETART.

@ end July 2008: Speaking on International Symposium on Electronic Art, this summer in Singapore. http://www.isea2008singapore.org

@ september 2008: managing director GOGBOT festival. Steampunk edition.

@september 2008: presentations at PICNIC08 www.picnicnetwork.org film

@ october 2008 : lecture Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam

@ jan 2009: Curating Virtual Worlds Mash Up exhibition @ Medialab Enschede, showing the new films of AOM and Arthole.

@ feb 2009: Transmediale Berlin at C-base with 20 Dutch artists and CrossReality presentation.

@ april 2009: working on Futuretopia with Submarine, the producers of the SL film Molotovalva. Futuretopia will be shown this summer on VPRO, Channel4, several film festivals, etc.

@ june 2009: Symposium on virtual worlds, with Piet Hut, Anton Eliëns, Johnny Hartz Søraker, Viola van Alphen and Zsófia Ruttkay.

@ june 2009: Presentation during Moscow Film Festival, at Media Forum Moscow, Russia (also in June 2012).

@ june 2009: Presentation and screening St Petersburg: Theory & Practice

@ sept 2009 managing director GOGBOT festival, edition Atompunk.

@ oct 2009 making film in Thailand, for the WorldExpo 2010 Shanghai@ oct 2009 Presentation at Polderlicht

@ may 2010 Presentation at Kunstvlaai about Technological Singularity, with NeuroSky Brainscanners. Winner of the Kunstvlaai award.

@ aug 2010 Presentation at ISEA2010 RUHR – International Symposium on Electronic Art.

@ 30 okt – 7 nov 2010 Presentation at Artpie Istanbul.

@ okt 2010 Presentation at Conflux festival, New York (art & technology festival for the creative urban exploration of public space).

@ okt 2010 Part of a virtual exhibition in MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NYC).

@ feb 2011 Presentation, Symposium and Performance at Japan Media Arts Festival and club SuperDeluxe (home of Pecha Kucha), Japan.

@ jan 2012 Presentation, exhibition at TechFest, Mumbai, India.

@ june 2012 Presentation during Moscow Film Festival, at Media Forum Moscow, Russia

@ sept 2012 FEMEN performance with chainsaws and Inna Shevchenko, which caused >1000 newspaper reviews in Russian, Armenian, Ukraine, Polish, French and Dutch newspapers and VPRO. Article which tells, because of this action, in Russia wooden crosses will be replaced by steel crosses.

@ aug 2013 Presentation on modern activism and cutivism, about FEMEN, GOGBOT and Twente Biennale at CultClub at NRC

@ aug 2013 Presentation at OHM hackercamp, the Netherlands

@ feb 2014 TEC-ART @ Rotterdam Art Week

@ nov 2014 Presentation at off-the-grid event in Singularity City (not permitted to share any details)

@ jan 2015 founding Dark Matter

@ may 2015 Presentation at Afrika Burn, South Afrika 

@ aug 2015 Presentation at CCC (Chaos Communication Camp), Zehdenick, Germany, at Nurdspace and at La Quadrature du Net

@ oct 2015 Presentation at Institute of Crypto Anarchy – Parallel World, crypto people and artists discussing the role of new technologies and decentralization (not only) in crisis scenarios, Prague, Czech Republic

@ april 2016 Informal International Theatre Meeting (IETM) curator sessions Transmedia Storytelling, The Parallel World – The Internet of Things & Augmented Reality , Wearables,  Best Practices & Digital Decor & Virtual Reality: the use of the digital in Live Arts, Digital Activism & Sharing & Do it yourself. Curator EXPO.

@ aug 2016 Presentation at Hackercamp Camp ++, Fort Monostor, Komarom, Hungary. Building a bridge between artists and hackers. Not only hackers do Security, Privacy and Hacking. Hacked Industy Robots playing records, Exoskeletons, Power-of-Google-out-of-control, Grindcore Karaoke-bar, Robots and Activism reaching a broad audience.

@ sept 2016 Curator Exhibition RuhrTriennale 10&11 September VR weekend.

@ oct 2016 Dutch Design Week Curator EXPO MADlab: Manifestations – Will the Future Design Us?

@ jan 2017 turning my presentation into interrogating the audience: Creative Coding Amsterdam 10100

@ feb 2017: Presentation Internet of Women Things – Manifestations @ Drinks and Demos – High Tech Campus Eindhoven

@ jan, feb, march 2017 Curator exhibition Homage to Nervous Systems @ Tetem artspace

@ march, april, may 2017 Curator exhibition Internet of Women Things @ Tetem artspace

@ march 2017 jury-member at hackathon on E-Health

@ march 2017 Talk and group at Holloway University of London

@ april 2017 Presentation Nervous Systems and Internet of Women Things at Qua Art – Qua Science

@ may 2017 Lecture Internet of Women Things – Female Power and Potential @ Enschede

@ may 2017 Lecture on What we can learn from the mistakes we made with VR in the 90s at Digital Reality at Effenaar @ Eindhoven 

@ may 2017 Performance Virtual Intimacy @ Live Performers Meeting, Radion Amsterdam

@ may 2017 Lecture Virtual Intimacy & Internet of Women Things –  Expert Programma – Maker Faire Twente @ Enschede

@ june 2017 VR movie 48 hours project Amsterdam

@ aug 2017 2 talks at SHA hackercamp: “Art, Activism and Cool Robots”, “Hormones & Hysteria

@ sept 2017 Masterclass OpSec: over cybercriminaliteit. Welke soorten van fishing en hacking bestaan er, en wat kan jij er zelf aan doen? @Gemeente Arnhem en Provincie Gelderland

@ oct 2017 Dutch Design Week: Curator, Organiser EXPO: Manifestations – Will the Future Design Us?

@ oct 2017 lecture ThingsCon Salon #9 @DesignLab Twente – Intimate Technology

@ oct 2017  live-talkshow met Jeroen Junte @Volkskrant Designtafel in het People’s Pavilion op Strijp-S @Dutch Design Week 

@ oct 2017 Eindhovens Dagblad presenteert: DDW Live: een praatprogramma met gasten uit de Eindhovense designwereld.

@ oct 2017 lecture Internet of Women Things @Bibliotheek Eindhoven

@ jan 2018 Curator exhibition on Safety and Security  What are digital alternatives for Camera’s to enhance safety? And which artworks could inspire the Safety domain? @ Tetem artspace & Hogeschool Avans Den Bosch

@ mar 2018 expert debate Privacy versus Safety on the new WIV law with CDA, VVD, PvdA, GroenLinks

@ march 2018 Curator and co-organiser Sleepwetfestival incl IT security debat participant, with Directeur MIVD generaal-majoor Onno Eichelsheim.

@ may 2018 Creating educational material and giving classes on the History of Tech Art @ University of Twente

@ june 2018 Mini-Manifestations @ Crafted festival Summa college Eindhoven

@ oct 2018 Manifestations Largest Art Technology and Fun Event at Dutch Design Week >35.000 visitors

@ nov  2018 Best of Manifestations at Bright Day

@ dec 2018 Curator Big Brother or Smart Sister

@ dec 2018 talk Data and Algorithms @ Government: dept of Internal Affairs

@ dec 2018 talk at CCC Congress 35c3 Leipzig “Get out of your bubble”

@ april, june 2019 @HKU (media) and KABK (IMD): workshop on presenting to the outside world, for young artists ” Excellent presenteren”

@ june 2019 Dutch Technology Week – Sioux technologies Tech festival, Ketelhuisplein Eindhoven

@ april exhibition and presenting solo expo “Sander Veenhof – Be Your Own Robot” in Tetem, Enschede

@ may 2019 presentation Best of Manifestations bij landelijk event VNG (Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten)

@ oct 2019 Manifestations EXPO: Largest Art Technology and Fun Event at Dutch Design Week >35.000 visitors incl tours Roche, ministerie van VWS, burgemeesterstours, Rotary, vluchtelingenkids, Turkish professional network, Canadese delegatie en vele anderen.

@ nov 2019 Best of Manifestations at Bright Day, and other locations.

@ nov 2019 VPRO Tegenlicht panel about “De Grote Dataroof” with Lotje Siffels, Bart Jacobs.

@ dec 2019 & 2020 program proposal and art development (by connecting artists and technicians) for CUBE Designmuseum Kerkrade – (Re)design Death

@ maart 2020 Het coronavirus en de coronacrisis – Whitepaper – publication in collaboration with Wim van Alphen – microbiologist, safety expert and father – SDU Publishers, PDF.

@ sept 2020 Member of Expert team VWS (Ministry of Health) considering the Dutch corona app.

@ sept 2020 Developed and built de-centralized festival presentations: on Virtual Worlds (Second Life, Mozilla Hub, Sansar, more) and in physical life (Refugee locations, elderly homes, High Tech Campus, Maker Faire Eindhoven, etc).

@ sept 2020 ISEA Canada (International Symposium on Electronic Art) – Best of Manifestations.

@ nov 2020 MAD emergent art center 25 years Metaverse.

@ dec 2020 Our Brave New World – Symposium Fontys University and Book about Hoe Internet en Digitalisering de Creatieve Industrie Beinvloeden

more: www.changeisgood.nl



sandwomanlive [at] gmail.com


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